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Hamburg has been known as the biggest media location for years. Due to the ever-increasing networking of media and IT industries, this German city is now increasingly attracting IT service providers, especially to HafenCity. According to the Chamber of Commerce, around 8,600 IT companies are now based in Hamburg¹, which together generate an annual gross value added of 4.33 billion euros.

Growing media industry increases demand for IT service specialists

Within the IT sector, the multimedia industry has experienced the greatest growth², as popular internet giants, international corporations and innovative start-ups continue to settle into the media metropolis and its ideal working conditions. Even medium-sized companies are dependent on IT experts due to the increasing complexity and requirements.

So, IT specialists are not only in demand within IT companies themselves, but also in the entire media industry and industrial sector too. In fact, around four percent of Hamburg’s employees work in the IT sector³.

This means that there is no other place in Germany where there are IT experts who are subject to social insurance contributions. In Frankfurt and Berlin, comparatively fewer people work in the IT sector, demonstrating the special importance Hamburg has in the IT and media industry.
Despite the current high proportion of IT specialists in Hamburg, young talent is in demand, with every sixth training position still vacant today. In addition to general IT services and consulting, web developers – in particular Java, full-stack and PHP developer – as well as DevOps engineers, are particularly in demand.

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