Our team in Belgrade has taken over full ownership of our existing core system and works closely with our in-house engineers on delivering new features.

Andreas Emlinger
CEO, Butos Holding

Managed Freelancing

We connect start-ups and other businesses with our top freelance web developers pool.

For clients, who are looking for a suitable IT support specialist or who would like to hire freelance developer resources, we ensure the right match by introducing them to our hand-picked freelance IT talent pool.

Beyond his technical capabilities, our IT support specialist has also been screened on his soft skills including attitude, energy and English proficiency.

We want to ensure that he is a fantastic teammate, not just another freelance developer.

Depending on business needs, our freelance software developers are available full-time, part-time or on an hourly basis and they will integrate seamlessly into your existing team.

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Our managed freelancing model is a win-win story for all sides:

For the client:

  • Short time to recruitment – 2 weeks on average
  • The right match regarding technical skills, mindset and English skills
  • Guarantee of code and intellectual property rights through a Swiss legal contract
  • The release of the administrative hassle

For the freelance developer:

  • The right match regarding projects, technologies and financial expectations
  • Guarantee of payments (we take over on-time payments in case of delays from the client)
  • Work with clear expectations and a structured organisational setup
  • The release of potential misunderstandings

We ensure a smooth, secure and efficient collaboration including:

A proper start with a professional introduction online or in person at our offices in Belgrade

Onboarding support and advice concerning tools and organisational best practices

Handling of the invoicing management to free both our clients and freelancers from the administrative hassle and uncertainties

Risk-free freelance software development as we guarantee code ownership and property rights through a legal Swiss framework contract

As a win-win story our clients get the right freelance IT developer in terms of quality, efficiency and mindset. Our freelancers can spend all of their time with coding and never have to worry about any of the typical issues connected to IT freelance projects like administration, risk of payment, week organisation, unclear expectations and misunderstandings.

Whether you hire freelance developer resources to provide your in-house teams with more development capacity or to extend the team’s capabilities with specialised knowledge, this remote developer approach will enable you to build your product faster and decrease time to market.

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