With InterVenture we are able to extend our in-house team optimally. Due to the agile organisation and direct communication, our team in Belgrade is completely involved in all major projects.

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4 Nearshoring-Vorteile [Infografik]

Posted by InterVenture on November 23, 2015

Die Zeiten, in denen Offshoring die perfekte Lösung für die Auslagerung betrieblicher Teilaufgaben darstellte, sind vorbei. Nearshoring ist die zukunftsweisende Alternative und zeichnet sich durch eine ganze Reihe von Vorteilen aus.


Why Nearshoring in Belgrade? This is another interesting reason: Lonely Planet’s best places in Europe 2015

Posted by InterVenture on June 18, 2015

Belgrade is shaping up to become the tech hub of Southeast Europe due to the large local talent pool. We witness this development on an everyday basis and there are currently many good software companies coming to Belgrade. We also witness many engineers from the neighboring countries (Croatia,


Serbia’s ICT Industry Report 2015

Posted by InterVenture on March 2, 2015

“The outsourcing sector of the software development industry has long favoured Asian countries for low costs of service, thus helping the software development outsourcing to India gain momentum over the years. However, tables are turning and Eastern European countries are asserting their presence in the IT outsourcing market,



Posted by InterVenture on December 8, 2014

“… As the world market for ICT continues to evolve towards outsourced software engineering, offshore systems design and integration, Serbia is well-placed both geographically and structurally to provide a cost-effective, reliable alternative to more established markets. An outstanding pool of intellectual capital, attractive labor costs, excellent skills, good communications networks and a high fluency in English are just some of the key competitive advantages that persuade international companies to expand their businesses to Serbia.”


9 Key Factors for successful Nearshoring

Posted by InterVenture on October 28, 2014

Building a talented and strong distributed team from various disciplines is in any new project or venture a challenge. But the most difficult thing to find is, not necessarily people with certain skills, but an organisational and management style which allows distributed team members to develop their full potential and remain intrinsically motivated over a long period of time.


A tour through Belgrade

Posted by InterVenture on August 22, 2014

Join our tour through BELGRADE – the beautiful, never-sleeping capital of Serbia and Europe’s emerging IT Hotspot.


Outsourcing and Offshoring in CEE: Colliers White Paper Q2 2014

Posted by InterVenture on August 4, 2014

“Belgrade represents one of two south-Eastern countries in the CEE region – Bulgaria and Serbia – which are reported to have the highest percentage of graduates holding technical degrees in IT and engineering across the CEE region. This underpins the potential of these locations as suitable locations for O&O operators.”